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Dazzling, sparkling, sizzling - Las Vegas is forever bustling with activity. Alongside the hubbub of the Las Vegas Strip resort areas, the city also houses several quiet residential neighborhoods. Our task is to provide plumbing quotes and solutions to all toilet plumbing problems, blocked garbage disposals, basement flooding, dripping faucets, noisy pipes, gas leaks, slab leaks, clogged drains and many other issues. A Las Vegas-based plumber should be able to provide efficient and professional solutions to both commercial and residential plumbing problems. Repairing a clogged grease trap, pumping out a septic tank, handling water meter issues or installing a sump pump - Experienced and qualified, Plumber Las Vegas does precisely that!

Tankless water heater issues? gas leaks? burst pipes? Low water pressure? Carrying an official Nevada plumbing license, Plumber Las Vegas is set to provide high quality services both to the lavish establishments on the Las Vegas Strip and to the residential areas of Summerlin, Henderson or Green Valley. From leak detection to sewer repair, drain cleaning and solar water heater installation - Plumber Las Vegas provides whichever plumbing service you need.

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Running water, backflows or pipe corrosion are nuisances whether in a small villa or in a glittering Las Vegas Hotel. Although similar in nature, residential and commercial plumbing problems differ greatly in terms of size and scope. Consequently, they also require different plumbing tools.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, Plumber Las Vegas strives to tackle any plumbing challenge, while causing as little disruption as possible to the constant activities in the hotels and casinos of the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Here are but some examples of Plumber Las Vegas's commercial equipment and services:

Thoroughly familiar with the city and its varied plumbing needs - Plumber Las Vegas always gets the job done.

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