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You owe it to yourself to learn the basics of your home plumbing system, whether you're renting an apartment or own a house. A basic knowledge of the system could help you do some damage control when a plumbing emergency arises. When you contact your professional Plumber Las Vegas for help, an understanding of your home's plumbing system will help you explain what assistance you need.

What is your residential plumbing system comprised of?

What exactly does a residential plumbing system consist of?
There are two separate plumbing systems that run through your home. One system transports fresh water to your house. The water can travel through every floor and to each and every corner of the building because it is pressurized.

At the same time, the wastewater leaves your house through the drainage system. The waste water system is also called the DWV system, which is suggestive of its three main components: drains, waste pipes, and vents. Apart from the downhill pipes carrying wastewater away from your house, protruding vents on your roof admit air in, thus assisting the removal of the wastewater.

The curved section of the drainpipe, called a trap, is attached to each plumbing fixture and keeps odors and gases in the sewer pipes and out of your house. When all these features are working together, your plumbing system functions properly.

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Residential fixtures include faucets, toilets, showers, and sinks. Drain pipes carry waste water from fixtures, just as pipes carry clean water to them. While each fixture can present its own particular plumbing challenges, the first step in case of a leak or pipe break involving any of your fixtures, should always be finding and turning off the particular fixture’s shutoff valve. Your professional Plumber Las Vegas can advise you how to maintain plumbing fixtures or any appliance that uses water, so a serious problem is less likely to occur.

As we all know, residential plumbing problems are not limited to one city, state or country. They are likely to occur wherever we reside. If you're planning a move to the Midwest, we will be happy to recommend the professional home plumbing services of our Windy City colleagues, Plumber Chicago IL.

Our residential plumbing services are readily at your disposal. There is no plumbing challenge too large or too small for us to handle.

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