Plumbing Service

The continuous flow of cold water in the shower is annoying, to say the least. Just as vexing are faucets that leak and toilets that back up. We've all had these frustrating experiences, and they warrant a reliable plumber who can reach your home or business as quickly as possible. Your Las Vegas plumbers will be happy to help you in these exasperating situations, providing excellent plumbing services and products at reasonable prices.

Our residential plumbing service

Repairs, installing fittings, clearing clogs or replacing fixtures, pipes, drains and gas liners are some of the services offered by our expert Las Vegas Plumber. Our full service plumbing company is available to you any time of day, not just during emergencies. We will gladly perform routine maintenance checks of your plumbing system, and help you avoid potential plumbing disasters.

Our commercial plumbing service

Do you own or run a business? Contact us for information about our commercial plumbing services. Our state-of-the-art commercial plumbing tools are capable of solving any challenging plumbing problem that may arise in complex industrial plumbing systems.

Tree root intrusion in pipes

Opening drains blocked by tree or bush roots intrusion is one of the most complex plumbing problems. The roots penetrate through the drain pipe, so it is not only a matter of opening the clog and removing the roots with a Plumber's Snake: An examination or the pipe should take place and if the holes can not be fixed then it's good to install a brand new, PVC drainpipe.

Tips for the 'do it yourselfer'

Many homeowners opt for the do-it-yourself plumbing method, because some plumbing problems do not require professional help. Even the most basic knowledge of your home plumbing system can make a great difference during an emergency. For instance, turning off the main shutoff valve is crucial in case of a flooding, and can do immense damage control before your Las Vegas plumber turns up. If you undertake your own plumbing work, feel free to ask your Las Vegas Plumber for tips and advice.

Do-It-Yourself projects are often fun to tackle when we move. Indeed, embarking on home plumbing assignments is doubly exciting if you've just relocated to a new house. If your new place of residence is the Windy City, we'll be happy to recommend the expert services of Plumber Chicago IL, whose team of professional plumbers can give you an instructive 'how-to' guide and walk you through the basics of your new residential plumbing system.
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