Piping & Fittings

Your plumbing system is comprised of piping and fittings. Leading to and from your fixtures, your pipes carry fresh water to your house and remove wastewater. To fit the specification and needs of your building, fittings are used to join pipes together, make directional changes, and even alter pipe size. Your Las Vegas Plumber is equipped to handle any problems with pipes or fittings, whether it's a simple repair, a replacement of an existing component, or a completely new installation. Your plumber will be happy to assist you with any do-it-yourself plumbing projects.

Conventional water pipes are copper or plastic, and range in diameters of 3mm, 2cm, or 2.5cm. While copper is durable, sturdy and able to withstand mineral deposit, plastic is more reasonably priced, easy to install, and non-corroding. Sewage lines are made of cast iron or, more commonly, of plastic, and are 4 cm to 10cm in diameter.
Fittings may be plastic or brass made. The pipe material determines the type of fitting to be installed. To guarantee that the fitting is properly sealed and that the materials used do not conflict, both the pipe and fitting materials must be carefully chosen.

There are a few typical pipe related problems which may affect your plumbing system.
Replacing the cracked section of a pipe with a new section will solve your leak problems. Your Las Vegas plumber can assist you, should you experience difficulties joining together the pipe and the fitting. Waterproof tape can be wrapped over the leak until it is permanently fixed.

Another common problem is pipe sweating. Drops of moisture form on the exterior of the pipe when the water inside the pipe is much colder than the humid air outside. You can insulate the pipe with tape to control this problem. Make sure you wipe off the pipes before applying the tape. Be sure it wraps the pipe and the fittings securely.

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